Welcome to the Tundra n' Icee and the PAW Patrol Wiki

Hello! I'm Icee! the part of this Wiki! I'm here to say that there shall be peace on this wiki and RPs and stories are allowed along with OC's! have a great day! feel free to join!


1. NO Editing Others Stories unless you have permission from the creator

2. swearing is kinda allowed in chat just don't purposely swear at a user, or else you'll be kicked or banned, I didn't say anything about Message Walls so please don't put words in my mouth

3. RP's can stay clean OR have Mature content, just PM me or the Admins about it first okay? the I will decide if you can do this Admins will have to ask me if you ask an Admin!

4. feel free to share your emotions! I won't judge!

5. DON'T ask me about becoming an Admin! you will be earned the title of Admin!

6. please ask for help if you need it!

7. Have fun!


The full list can be found here: Admins and Chat Mods.

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