640px-Sport by balto2014-d7uonb7

created by Balto2014 on Deviantart.


He's a happy go lucky pup who loves sports, especially basketball and soccer, he also loves teaching kids and pups to play sports


Dark and light gray wolf-dog with olive green eyes and a black collar with a basketball on his badge. His uniform is a maroon color 


  • He's Blizzard and Tundra's cousin
  • He has a crush on Ocean
  • He is the older cousin of Tundra and Blizzard- but used to always play with Tundra when they were little puppies. When Tundra joined the paw patrol he tried to get adopted but nobody wanted to adopt a dog with wolf blood so he stayed with Tundra and the rest of the pups under Ryder's kind hospitality. One day when they were playing soccer and Ryder noticed he was extremely good and made him the paw patrols sports pup. 
  • His father is one of Blizzard and Tundra's mother, Snowdrop's brothers- He fell in love with a lone wolf who was rejected from her pack. Sport is their only pup